How to Make Your Kitchen More Efficient and Spacious

How to Make Your Kitchen More Efficient and Spacious

To make your kitchen more efficient and spacious:

  1. Try organizing the counter space.
  2. Avoid clutter by keeping counters clean.
  3. Use a drawer near the sink to store towels and dishrags.

A few items stored in a drawer can free up counter space for more work. Keep frequently used items close to the countertop, while infrequently used items can be stored on higher shelves. If your kitchen has limited storage space, use high shelves for the items you rarely use.

Designing a work triangle:

When planning the best modern kitchen design, consider your needs and preferences. Think about the activities in your kitchen, such as preparing meals or cleaning up. Also, consider where you need to find the most accessible space. If there is space for a breakfast bar, it is good to include it in the design. Grouping appliances according to their activities will maximize efficiency and avoid bumping into one another.

Grouping items with similar functions:

Consider setting up separate zones for different activities if your kitchen has a large floor plan. Each area should be devoted to a certain stage of meal preparation. By grouping like items together, you’ll make them easier to find when you need them. Smaller kitchens can be organized with a few large groupings, but bigger kitchens can benefit from more compact groupings.

Organizing food in the freezer:

If you want a more functional kitchen, you can organize the food in the freezer using plastic containers. Use snack size baggies to store your snacks and reusable plastic containers to store your other food items. Plastic bins make it easy to grab a snack when you’re on the go. Pull-out shelves or sliding shelf organizers make finding items easier and help you find everything you need. Clear acrylic dividers make junk drawers usable.

Adding window treatments:

Adding window treatments to your kitchen can add style and functionality to your space. Choosing the right window coverings can make the room feel cooler and warmer in winter. If you have windows facing the sun, consider installing window shades to maintain a comfortable temperature in your kitchen. Smart home kitchen window shades are even controlled via an app. There are so many options for window treatments for your kitchen.